Isola Tiberina

Isola Tiberina

I took this today from the Isola Tiberina. I was trying to get to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona and that area and wound up in completely the other part of the city. But I saw the Colosseum, Circo Massimo, Foro Romano and a few amazing churches- though there are about a thousand churches in Rome- that’s actually true, not just a figure of speech- so everywhere you go, you’re likely to find a pretty cool church.


Piazza d’Espagna in the rain

Piazza d'Espagna in the rain

Even on a rainy October day, there were a lot of people at the Spanish Steps. And even in the rain and the crowd, they were beautiful. After standing around for almost 20 minutes hoping to get a moment where there weren’t people on the stairs I finally gave up and just went ahead and took the picture with some random people in it. Oh well.

Piazza Bologna

Piazza Bologna

Just one of the many piazzas…the nearest one to my apartamento. Even in the rain, it’s pretty. There was a major thunderstorm today. I sat in a bar caffe drinking an espresso while it rained…I felt so Italian:)

Tomorrow I’m going into the centro storico, rain or shine! Though, if it is raining I will take the metro rather than walking!



…I leave for Roma! My bags are packed, my plane tickets are boughts, my room is reserved…I’m all ready! And I’m soooo excited! I have all kinds of fun stuff I want to do there- eat spaghetti and gelato, see the Spanish Steps, eat more spaghetti, wander around the fancy shopping district in the Via Condotti, drink wine, eat pasta, wander around all over…and oh yeah, learn some Italian too:)

The next time I post, I’ll be able to close with “Ciao, from Roma!”

Image from I wish I’d been able to take a picture like that this summer- the tourists all over kind of don’t make for the best photo ops though.

Late summer in California

Late summer in California

The view doesn’t change much between summer and fall- the grass is brown and the ocean is still blue. But the feeling in the air does. It’s definitely fall here…both in calendar time and feeling time. It’s hard to put into words how different it feels, but every year, one day I go outside and it feels like fall rather than summer- the sunshine is different, the breeze is different and then the leaves begin to turn- orange and yellow rather than red, but still, it’s beautiful.

Red Roofs of Dubrovnik

Red Roofs of Dubrovnik

There were so many picture perfect moments on my trip through Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. This is just a taste of one of those moments- on the second day, I walked around the top of the walls barricading the Dubrovnik Old Town from the sea and from the land. The views were spectacular…both across the town and out to sea. I loved seeing all the red tile roofs of the town down below me, as this picture shows.