St. Peter’s Inside the Dome




IMG_0783Pictures from inside and on top of the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica- I climbed the stairs all the way up, but if you’re over 5’6″, I recommend the elevator- the walls are very, very slanted! Also, it’s a pretty long climb- but the views are worth it!


Let’s be real here for a moment…

Rome is a city- a dirty city.





As someone who grew up in the country- or at least in a rural area, more than an urban one- I’m not used to seeing this city grime everywhere. Especially as a Californian, where you can go an entire day without seeing someone smoking, all the cigarette butts all over is shocking. And yes, all those little white flecks in these photos are cigarette butts. Tomorrow I will return to the regularly scheduled program of pictures of pretty things and musings on travel and art and food and history. But the truth is, the pieces of litter and cigarette butts all over probably outnumber old buildings and pieces or art- combined! And that’s including all the museums. Fortunately, the buildings and pieces of art are bigger and more interesting so they’re easier to focus on!