25 under 25 update

Progress on my 25 under 25 list:

1. Live in Italy

4. Post to this blog 3 times while in Italy

5. Comment regularly on 5 blogs as a blogger myself

8. Visit Florence- Planned for November 1st

9. Visit Munich- Planned for December 20th

12- See two operas and two plays- I actually performed in an opera so I’m going to count that as seeing two operas!

14. Eat 10 new foods

  1. Sflogliatella- Delicious! Love them:)
  2. Pepe Bianco- Not so delicious; smells like manure to me.
  3. Emmentaler cheese
  4. Coscia di Monaca plums
  5. Dried ground peperoncino

17. Go wine tasting where I live

18. Know by blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate

22. Begin a regular practice of meditation



25 under 25

As a consummate list maker, I’m kind of shocked I haven’t done more of this listmaking about goals before. Of course I have the proverbial “Bucket List” all written out, but it includes more big picture things; things that would be hard to do in one year. But the idea of a smaller set of goals, some of them the same goals and some different, that I would set to achieve before a specific date, appeals to me to. So here is my list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25- I’m a few months late starting this as my birthday is in April, but I things that’s okay 🙂

1. Live in Italy

2. Visit a state I’ve never been to before

3. Learn and memorize two new songs on the piano

4. Post on this blog three time a week while in Italy

5. Comment regularly on 5 blogs I read, as a blogger myself

6. Go dancing!

7. Apply to Grad school

8. Visit Florence

9. Visit Munich

10. Publish Sandy Connors’ Book 2

11. Be able to back squat my own body weight

12. See 2 operas and 2 plays

13. Read a novel in French

14. Eat 10 brand new foods

15. Go rock climbing

16. Watch 3 Best Picture winning movies

17. Go wine tasting where I live

18. Know my Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Heart Rate- and have them in a healthy zone

19. Skydive

20. Read 2 plays by Shakespeare that I haven’t read before

21. Find and buy the Perfect Jeans

22. Begin a regular practice of Meditation

23. Learn to cook the perfect chicken- crispy on the outside, still juicy inside, and well seasoned

24. Finish writing Sandy Connors book 3

25. See the Pantheon in the rain!

Doable? I think so! I’ll keep updating about when I achieve things!