Big News!

Big News!

Exciting things happening here-

1) I’ll be starting graduate school on June 16th! I will be studying French and Public Administration. I’m super excited, and definitely ready to be a student again- while some people think I’m crazy for liking school, I thrive in an academic environment, and I really do love learning. It also probably helps that if I were a superhero, I would be speed-reading-woman, so the heavy workload is easier for me than for some.

2) My second novel will be published sometime in the Spring or Summer! The Sandy Connors Series will now have a sequel- The Mystery of the Abandoned Car! As someone thoroughly unbiased, I recommend the series for young adult readers, or adults who enjoyed reading the Nancy Drew Mystery series as kids- the books are a similar feel, and follow the same rules of no one dies, no kids or animals get hurt and the good guys always win. So, maybe that’s a spoiler alert, but you can start the book knowing that the intrepid sleuth will save the day!

(this photo is of Carmel Beach, taken last fall. A sunny CA coastline photo seemed appropriate for a post all about good news!)