Arriverderci, Roma!

Tomorrow I fly early to Paris. I’m excited to see Paris, but also sad to leave Rome behind. Six weeks was not enough time to see everything in Rome- I don’t think a lifetime would really be enough time- but it was long enough to feel like I was really living here, not just a tourist. So to wrap up the visit, here are some of my favorite places in Rome, in no particular order.

  • San Pietro- okay, technically this isn’t in Rome, but it’s surrounded by Rome, so I’m going to count it.
  • Castel Sant’Angelo- the view from the top of this fortress turned museum is worth the price of admission!
  • Campo dei Fiori- always a busy square, and there are still stalls selling flowers, which is nice. Also, my favorite pizza in Rome is right off the square.
  • The Pantheon- So it’s always busy and full of tourists, but it’s still an impressive building. Sadly, I didn’t get to see it in the rain- I wanted to see the water coming in the roof- but there’s always next time!
  • Villa Doria Pamphilij- a massive park in Trastevere full of people walking their dogs, running and just enjoying life. It’s pretty chilly there now, but during the summer I’m sure it’s even busier with people enjoying their gorgeous city!

So tomorrow begins the next and final leg of this trip- Paris for a few days then on to Munich for Christmas!


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