So I’m in Firenze. First- just a note: the internet at the apartment I’m renting in Florence is being irritating and super slow, so until I can get it figured out, posts will be mostly words, as uploading pictures isn’t working. Sorry:/ Now- Florence! My first impression of Florence yesterday night when I arrived was not entirely positive- but that was solely based on the train station and the streets around my apartment, which is in a fine but unexciting neighborhood. Of course, renting a cheaper places means you’re further from the city center. That’s why I was excited to get downtown today and see what Florence is really like. And my impression from today? I can’t quite get a handle on Florence yet. It seems a little like Rome’s older, wealthier and more orderly cousin, but I know there’s a rebellious part too, just waiting to come out. For instance, people queue up to get into churches. Nobody did that in Rome, except in the Vatican where there were police officers glaring at you the whole time. Here, it’s just what people do. People get on the buses through the “In” doors and get off by the “Off” doors (mostly.) In Rome, the subways were chaos with people getting on and off in no orderly fashion whatsoever. But there are still people with tattoos, purple hair and studded dog collars on walking around the streets, so it’s not completely gentrified. So my impression is that Florence is harder to get an impression of the Rome was, and I’m glad I have three weeks to try and figure this city out!


One thought on “Firenze

  1. Interesting that you should link orderly with gentrified. I will admit that purple hair and dog collars are not a common fashion statement of my generation!

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