Serendipity and the Art of Getting Lost

First off- I have no sense of direction. Like, none. I once managed to get so completely lost the I lost the Pacific Ocean. Yes, I was using the ocean as a landmark and I still got lost. I can get lost anywhere. With a map or without. So, it’s safe to say that whenever I’m traveling somewhere, I assume I will get lost. And I have gotten lost in Rome. I got lost trying to find the Colosseum. I got lost by the train station on a day when I wasn’t even trying to find the train station. I’m sure when I get to Firenze day after tomorrow I will get lost there too! (Side note: I’m really quite excited to go to Florence! More on that later.)

But is getting lost always a bad thing? I don’t think so. Maybe I’ve just found the silver lining in the fact that I know I will get lost no matter what, but there are also so many things that happen when you get lost that wouldn’t happen if you were following the map, the guidebook the online Yelp reviews exactly. Today I found myself wandering, purposefully lost, on the back streets of Rome between the Pantheon and the Via del Corso. And during those wanderings, I found a beautiful church, an ancient Temple, a carved column, an obelisk, and more piazzas than all the other things combined. Would I have found any of those things had I not gone off the main road and wandered around for a little bit? Likely not. And that’s definitely a benefit.

As a side note- one of the streets I walked down was the Via dei Burro. Donkey Street! I love it:)IMG_0539

This is a close up of the Column in the Piazza Colonna. The photo below if the fountain in the Piazza Colonna.



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