25 under 25 update

Progress on my 25 under 25 list:

1. Live in Italy

4. Post to this blog 3 times while in Italy

5. Comment regularly on 5 blogs as a blogger myself

8. Visit Florence- Planned for November 1st

9. Visit Munich- Planned for December 20th

12- See two operas and two plays- I actually performed in an opera so I’m going to count that as seeing two operas!

14. Eat 10 new foods

  1. Sflogliatella- Delicious! Love them:)
  2. Pepe Bianco- Not so delicious; smells like manure to me.
  3. Emmentaler cheese
  4. Coscia di Monaca plums
  5. Dried ground peperoncino

17. Go wine tasting where I live

18. Know by blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate

22. Begin a regular practice of meditation



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