Santa Maria Della Vittoria






Santa Maria della Vittoria is a little tiny church on the outskirts of the Centro Storico. And there is hardly a single inch of surface area inside the church that isn’t covered in gold leaf, painting or has some sculpture. The famous Bernini piece, “Ecstasy of St. Theresa” is in this church. I had seen so many pictures of it in Art History classes but never before seen the actual piece. My impressions? First, it’s a lot smaller than the pictures make it seem. And second, it is beautiful. Whatever the Vatican might have had to say about the appropriateness of the subject matter over the years, it’s a beautiful piece. You can see the shot I got of it in the third picture down, but you can also google it and find a lot of great professional pictures which are better lit and edited than mine:)


One thought on “Santa Maria Della Vittoria

  1. Somewhat overwhelming! A few churches like that in one day and I would be ready for a little nap in the sun. But it is beautiful.

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