The Roman Metro

Disclaimer: I don’t live in a city with a subway system in the US. I have used the Subway in various cities in the US and around the world, though.

Now, the Roman subway. It looks like any other subway I’ve even seen. But it’s full of Romans. The way they drive on the streets is also how they act on the Subway.* Most places, people stand aside and wait for people to exit a train before they get on. Not in Rome. Most places people move all the way into the car when there are a lot of people waiting to get on. Not in Rome- they pack right into the door and stay there. You have to weave through the press of people getting off while you’re getting on and then through the people already on to find a place to stand if, like me, you need to hold on to one of those handy bars because Subway surfing isn’t your best sport. And the conductors drive like Romans too…speeding is highly encouraged. At least there are no horns!

*With one exception- that yellow line on subway platforms that in most places people will stand on while waiting? Romans stay behind it. Every single person on the platform. Stands behind the line. Weird.


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