Buon Giorno

From Roma! After a three hour delay and two broken planes in Frankfurt (Lufthansa, I didn’t see that coming from you!) and getting lost in the Rome airport on the way to baggage claim (which didn’t matter, because even though it took me an extra twenty minutes to get there the bags were just getting out when I found it anyways!) I found my room! And today I even managed to find my way to a few food shops and not get lost! Sadly, the Bakery was closed…but the Gelateria was open! And tomorrow I’ll hit up the grocery store and hopefully the bakery will be open. Tomorrow and the rest of the week are forecast with rain so I’ll probably wait until next week to walk into the Centro Historico, or maybe I’ll take the metro if it’s raining. There’s a metro stop 10 minutes away so that’s a good option. Some pictures to come tomorrow!



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