Everyone has priorities. However, sometimes they go a bit askew. I know my do.

An interesting exercise to see how your priorities match up with what you spend your daily effort (physical and mental) on is this: fill out four columns- Happy, Worry, Balance and Priority. In the Happy column, write down everything you’re grateful for- friends, family, your job, your health, music, art, etc. In the Worry column, write down your stresses- money, family, health, etc. In the Balance column, write down anything that brings you peace or balance in your life- maybe running or painting or cooking or meditating. Then, in the Priority column, list the items from the other three columns in the order of what you spend the most time and effort on each day. Where do things from you Happy and Worry columns fall?

I went through this exercise, and lo and behold, out of the top ten items in my Priority list, eight were from my Worry list! That’s not a very happy balance. It’s definitely a wake up call to realize that I’m spending so much mental and physical effort on things that worry me and cause me stress.


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