The desire to Buy, Buy, Buy!!

So all the research shows that experiences make people happier than possessions. Once you own something, it slowly becomes old, used up, ratty or you just become used to seeing it- it doesn’t stay new and exciting for long. But an experience stays just as exciting in your memory as it was when you were actually doing it. So why is it, that even knowing this info and thinking that it makes sense, I still want to go out and buy, buy, buy? I love shopping. No, really- I love shopping. I could spend hours a day shopping- if I had the money- and enjoy it every day. I’m not what you would describe as a fashionista- though I do pay attention to trends and read a few fashion magazines a month- but I just love the thrill of searching out cute tops and dresses (ideally on sale) and shoes and bags and then trying them on and then coming home and styling them with other things I own in creative but still classic combos. I’m fortunate in that any store will have clothes that fit me and look good with a little tweak or two and I know many of the tricks to make a style flatter my figure. But still- buy clothes isn’t what experts recommend to make me happier long term, yet I still feel the pull of desire each time I’m driving by a shopping center.

I’m not the only person who does this, right?

My long term goals are much more centered around experiences and travel and doing stuff than buying stuff- although I do have a few big ticket, luxury items I would love to one day own (ahem, designer shoes…a motorcycle with heated hand grips…) but in general, my life list is more slanted towards things I want to see and do and places I want to visit. But why is it that my spending habits are much more tilted towards buying things? It could be that buying something is an immediate gratification while saving up to go on safari is delayed- perhaps very delayed in my case.  But I still know that going on safari one day will bring me more pleasure than ten pairs of designer shoes would. I suppose this just goes to show that perhaps I need practice in patience and to learn how to look forward to things for longer than I do now.


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