Home Again Home Again

So, now that I’m back from the (absolutely AMAZING) trip to Italy with my choir, I can’t wait to get back to Rome and spend some time there and really get to know the city.

Basically, as soon as I had spent five minutes walking around the Eternal City, I had already decided I was going to go back there in the fall…like, to live. Gulp.  Now, as a part time author/administrator/bunch of other little small gigs, I have more leeway to just up and move somewhere than most people. Which is, in large part, why I am determined to. Now is the time in my life when I can. I also have a supportive family, no children, and the blessing of no debt from student loans- as long as I can make enough money to meet my fairly basic needs, I can go wherever I want, whenever I want.

And I want to go to Rome.  The food, the artwork, the music the whole feel of the city amazed me- and amazingly, I felt at home there. I speak very little Italian, don’t gesture when I speak, am prone to running errands in sneakers and running shorts- things that make me basically the opposite of an Italian. But I do like to eat a lot of pasta and pizza and gelato, and drink red wine all the time, so I think I’ll fit in just fine.

Seriously, though, my entire goal with this blog is to try and find ways to see and appreciate the small and big good things in life. And, from the few days I spent there, I think Rome, and Italy in general, will be a great place for me to work on doing exactly that!

Pictures from the trip (including Croatia and Slovenia) will be up soon, as well as more details about the fall in Rome!


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