My Life Flows On…

…in Endless Song.  Those words begin the hymn, ” How Can I Keep From Singing?” Which is a very good question. And so far the answer with which I’ve come up, is I can’t. Growing up in a fam

Ily which placed a lot of emphasis on music- I began singing in choir at the age of 2 ½, began piano lessons in first grade and performed in every single school play and musical I could all throughout elementary, middle and high school- music is deeply etched into the fabric of my life. I still sing in a choir regularly with family members and it’s a primary method of feeling close to them, and to friends. I listen to music with my boyfriend and close friends, even my dog (who, despite her deafness, has been known to express her displeasure at poorly played music by getting up and walking away!).  Music is a source of happiness in so many ways- it provides structure, opportunities for learning and growth, chances to create moments of intense beauty and also shows me things I should work on in my life and character.

I know, for instance, that I am not the most patient person. As I’m rehearsing three times a week for an upcoming choir trip to Italy, each rehearsal is a chance to practice being patient as others in the choir struggle with passages I perhaps already know. It also helps me learn patience with myself as I have to give myself the time to learn difficult sections and keep practicing them until I’ve truly mastered them.

Perhaps, then, the question I think is most relevant is not “How Can I Keep from Singing?”  but “Why Would I want to?”  I certainly don’t plan to stop singing anytime soon.