Looking Back…

Today is my birthday! While I’m not big on huge retrospectives, I do appreciate knowing how far I’ve come and where I’ve been. To that end, today I’ll be thinking about where I traveled this year and how that relates to my current happiness.

First, I went to Costa Rica last April with my Dad to celebrate my college graduation. We were there right at the end of teh dry season, so the lush greenery so often found in pictures of Costa Rica was not in evidence. Instead, it was dry, brown and smoky as the fires clearing the sugar cane fields burned and the volcano across the bay smoked constantly. At night we could see the glowing molten lava. It was a powerful image, and a powerful reminder of just how insignificant much of man’s building powers are. One eruption and all those building would be gone. We went hiking and ziplining and bird watching, all in the 90+ degree heat. I loved every minute of it.

The other major trip I went on this year was fairly well the opposite of that. I went to Berlin Germany in January to visit my boyfriend, who was there over his Christmas break. It was greay, snowy and cold. In the 20s cold, with dampness and wind and no sunlight whatsoever. All the same, it was fun. I went ot some great museums and saw some amazing pieces of art. So much of what was dug up by Europneans in the 1800 and 1900 hundreds was brought back to Europe before thereg what could and couldn’t be removed from its country of origin. I saw the Ishtar Gate from Ancient Babylon, the Pergamum Altar from Turkey and the Painted Bust of Nefertiti from Egypt. I also ate so much cheese and sausage and drank about a gallon of Gluhwein.

Costa Rica:



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