Have you ever noticed how you you always procrastinate on doing things that you know will make you happy in the long term? Wait…am I the only one who does this? Oops. Well, here goes…

I leave my clothes on the floor in the corners after I take them off, even though living in a clean space is so much less stressful for me. Why do I do that? Some kind of preverse self sabotage? Laziness in the evening? The thought that if I leave them on the floor overnight they somehow become cleaner and I can put them back in my closet without feeling bad? Pretty sure I’m not the only person who does that.

Regardless of the reason, I know that keeping my room clutter free helps me relax, but I somehow find it impossible to actually put my stuff away right when I take it off, prefering to wait until there’s a small pile and then put it all away at once. And I’m torn about whether I should force myself to be more responsible about this or should just cut myself some slack. Because as it is, I have two things to feel badly about- leaving my clothes on the floor and then being upset with myself for leaving them there. All I know for sure is that making myself feel bad about the same thing twice is certainly not the way to go. If this is the only thing I procrastinate about that’s really pretty good!

Of course, I do actually procrastinate about other things too but that’s not relevant. I suppose the main point is that being nicer to myself in general wouldn’t go amiss. More on that later…


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