Big Moments, Small Moments, Big Decisions, Small Decisions

Which brings more happiness? Thinking back, I can remember big decisions I made that caused lots of happiness and small decisions that caused happiness too. Big moments are not always the result of big decisions, nor are small moments always the result of small decisions. I’ve gotten happiness from such small things as a fire in the fireplace and a good book, a bite of tasty, minty chocolaty goodness after a meal or the snores of a tired dog- which for some reason I like hearing!- but also from big things like living in Morocco for six weeks or learning to speak French. 

Someone with more data and the desire to do a study on this will probably some day come up with a formula decoding what is a big decision, what’s small, what counts as a big moment and what’s only a medium sized moment, but until that time comes (and probably even after) I’ll still be out there, trying to find and enjoy moments of happiness wherever I find them, whether they come to me spntaneously or require as much planning as the Rose Bowl because really, the science like that doesn’t matter. It’s the moments of happiness that do.


Ducks in the Mud

Ducks in the Mud

Already February! How did that happen? Regardless, time keeps passing and sometimes it’s all I can do to keep up! Until I can settle down and get posts up more regularly, here’s a pretty picture I snapped while walking home from a piano lesson a few weeks ago. This mud puddle is what most people would call “an eyesore” but to these ducks, it was glorious! Just a little reminder to look for fun in unlikely places and not be put off by the little messes life puts in our way sometimes!