Welcome to a New Blog for a New Year!

This is a tentative foray into the world of blogging, as a part of an attempt to find and treasure more beauty and pleasure and happiness in my life in 2013.  Whether this is read by anyone other than myself and family and friends that I tell to read this or not, I hope to use this blog to gather images and ideas and impetus as a part of my continuing drive to improve my life.  2012 was, for me as for many, a year filled with ups and downs and I imagine 2013 will be another such year, as most are. I hope that by making a concerted effort to focus on and document and share the ups I will be able to remember the good times more readily when bad times come, as they inevitably will.  The upcoming year already shows promise, with several fun adventures planned and many more I hope to realize, including a trip to Berlin in January, going to Italy with a choir in July and hiking around the American Southwest with a dear friend, taking hikes with my aging dog, publishing two of my mystery novels and cooking (and eating!) many fabulous meals with family and friends.

I hope you will join me in enjoying all that 2013 has to offer!


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